Apple Releases iOS 15.7.1, iPadOS 15.7.1 for iPhones, iPads: See Details

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Apple released iOS 16.1 and . be released iPadOS 16 Earlier this week for supported devices. Today, the company released iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1 updates to the public. The iOS 15.7.1 update brings important bug fixes to supported devices, and is targeted at users who don’t want to upgrade to iOS 16 yet. With the iOS 15.7.1 update, Apple is letting iPhone users linger on iOS 15 for a while, while ensuring that their devices are safe to use. Apple did the same with iOS 14 last year. However, supported iPhone users were eventually forced to upgrade to iOS 15 a few months later. Also read- Apple the only brand to see an increase in shipments in the last quarter, India business is booming

What’s new in iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1?

As far as the iOS 15.7.1 update is concerned, it doesn’t bring any new features to the iPhones. For the new features, iPhone users will need to have iOS 16 installed. However, it brings a bunch of critical bug fixes to supported iPhone models, some of which the company says are known to be exploited in the wild. Also read- Top photo, video editing apps for iPhone users: Canva, Lightroom, Picsart and more

In a support page for the update, the company revealed that iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1 fixes a vulnerability dubbed as CVE-2022-42798, while parsing a maliciously crafted audio file. may disclose user information. It also fixes another bug listed as CVE-2022-32929 while an app may be able to access iOS backups. Also read- SpySiri iOS bug could allow malicious apps to listen in on your conversations with Siri: How to fix it

The list of issues does not end here. This fixes another bug, while a user may be able to view content restricted by the lock screen and several other bugs, while an ‘app may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges’.

Additionally, iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1 fix a vulnerability listed as CVE-2022-42827, which the company says could be actively exploited by hackers. “An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges,” the company wrote in its support page.

Finally, the support page revealed that the latest update also fixes another bug that could have leaked sensitive data of users visiting a maliciously crafted website.

Who can download this update

The iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1 update is available for iPhone 6s and newer iPhone models, all iPad Pro models, iPad Air 2 and newer models, fifth-gen iPads and newer models, iPad mini 4 and newer models, and seventh-gen iPads. . -Gen iPod Touch.

iPhone and iPad Users Who Haven’t Upgraded iOS 16 And newer iOS version and iPadOS 16 are advised to update their device as soon as possible.

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