What is playing and earning by BeaRex and why it is revolutionary for GameFi

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BeaRex has ushered in a new era for GameFi fans: the Play-and-Earn (P&E) era. This approach takes into account the interests of all participants in the blockchain gaming ecosystem: those who want to play for money, as well as those who just play for fun. After all, the merry 2D runner was created primarily for players to enjoy themselves in its universe, and if they can monetize their skills and acquire resources in the process, all the better! In this article, we explain why making money from games is a revolutionary concept, what obstacles Play-to-Earn players currently face, and why BeaRex is definitely the last word in blockchain gaming.

The secret to the success of the world’s most popular games is simple rules and the ability to play on mobile devices. BeaRex combines both in one game with a plot reminiscent of the famous Mario. The main character of the game is a bear who runs an endless obstacle course, collects berries and other resources and tries to escape from a dinosaur. The berries are needed to make smoothies, and what happens after the bear drinks is really worth seeing! Depending on the ingredients, the world around him changes in the most unexpected way, and predicting the metamorphosis is next to impossible.

The key ingredient to success: play and earn

GameFi, or monetized blockchain games, can prove to be a constant source of income for players. It has evolved into a rising technology trend over the past year, as fresh and thriving as decentralized finance (DeFi) was a few years ago. And this is no surprise, as GameFi combines three key ingredients – game mechanics, NFT and DeFi – to attract millions of potential users. The GameFi phenomenon appeared at the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrencies. DappRadar, which tracks blockchain industry activity, reported in November 2021 that games account for about half of blockchain use cases. At the same time, there are approximately 2.5 million unique active wallets (UAW) connected to decentralized applications (DApps) every day!

The essence of Play-and-Earn boils down to this: users receive tangible, not purely virtual, money to develop within the game. This is a huge step forward for the entire gaming industry, as regular players can now make a profit by participating in gameplay, not just celebrity streamers. This significantly increases the number of people who want to play. And it is precisely thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that all this has become possible.

BeaRex eliminates the high barrier to entry for GameFi

Despite the plethora of incentives to enter GameFi, there are still limiting factors. The main obstacle is the entrance fees. To get on board, you have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Obviously, this isn’t affordable for everyone, especially when you consider that many of the players flocking to Play-to-Earn are from poorer countries. In some places, playing a P2E game can actually make more money than working!

Also, many players with decent income cannot afford the exorbitant startup costs, even if they know they can recoup their investment in the future. Plus, people usually want to try out a bunch of different games and aren’t ready to shell out a few thousand dollars right away just to be able to play something every now and then that they might not even like.

BeaRex’s solution: a combination of free play and play to earn


Precisely because of the demand for an easy and flexible way to enter GameFi, BeaRex has developed a new, more advanced version called Play-and-Earn. P&E is a hybrid model with both Play2Earn and Free2Play capabilities. With this combination, gamers can not only earn money, but also play for free, while increasing their skills and having fun along the way. Players can try out short tasks to earn ‘karma’ so that they can take on more profitable tasks and grow their income later on.

BeaRex solves the problems of the two main groups of GameFi participants: investors and players. Investors want to put money into GameFi, but often don’t have the time to play. In fact, they may not be interested in gaming at all! Players have the opposite problem: they love games and want to play, but often don’t have the money to buy expensive game NFTs.

BeaRex offers a solution: a player who for some reason doesn’t want to play, can pay an experienced player a fixed price in tokens to go through the levels for him. Thus, the investor receives a passive income, while the player can enter the game and start earning from the investor’s character without buying an expensive NFT, which he may not be able to afford.

But that is not everything! BeaRex is primarily a universe created for the sheer pleasure of playing the game. The main philosophy of the project is that everyone should be able to play, and when players are ready to make money, they can buy NFT Bears and switch to Play-to-Earn mode.

Four BeaRex game modes

Play-for-Fun: A completely free mode where you can train and enjoy the game on a smartphone. All game progress can be saved and later used in Play mode to earn. To start earning, the player has to buy an NFT bear.

Investor Mode: This is ideal for people who want to make money with P2E, but don’t know how to play or don’t want to. Using the order board, you can rent out your Bear to a more experienced player who will play it to progress through levels, collect game resources and make a profit, which can be divided among you.

Play-and-Earn: This regime is for gamers who want to play the game and progress through the levels with their own bear. Everything is simple here: all the profits from your hard work are completely yours to keep.

Order Execution Mode: This is for players who have their own bear, but see the benefit of taking a more powerful animal from an investor to earn more. The greater the player’s skill, the cooler and more profitable the tasks they can perform.

Animated Series and the BeaRex Metaverse

BeaRex is not only a game, but also an animated series! Work on an animated series based on the game has already begun. The first episode will be released at the end of 2022 and the entire first season will be available in 2023. The series follows the adventures of bears from the very first NFT collection, which will be sold in mid-July this year. Owners of the bears depicted in the cartoon receive royalties from series rentals.

BeaRex Beta Launch

BeaRex has already launched a beta version in an Instagram mask. A bright and absolutely stunning universe awaits you here: collect berries, prepare smoothies and save the world from dinosaurs, earning money along the way or just playing for fun. There is currently a special offer for all game participants on Instagram: play the game in an Insta mask and earn 500 TRIP tokens. And all players will participate in a $5,000 NFT drawing. Good luck in the game!

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